Højgaard and Schultz was founded in 1918 by Knud Højgaard and Sven Schultz. The company soon receives a number of projects at home and abroad. One of these projects was the construction of Lillebæltsbroen which was initiated in 1928 in collaboration with Monberg & Thorsen. This was the start of a long collaboration that led to the merger of the two companies to become MT Højgaard in 2001, at which time also Højgaard Holding A/S was founded. Denmark’s most significant player within the building and engineering sector, MT Højgaard, had become a reality.

Highlights in the history of Højgaard Holding:


Knud Højgaard and Sven Schultz found the construction company Højgaard & Schultz.


Højgaard & Schultz initiates one of Europe’s biggest contracting assignments: the construction of the port in Gdynia, Poland.


Højgaard and Schultz commence the construction of the Lillebæltsbroen in collaboration with Monberg & Thorsen.


Højgaard & Schultz completes the construction of the port in Gdynia, Poland.
Lillebæltsbroen is complete.


Højgaard & Schultz completes the construction of the Bellahøj buildings in Brønshøj, the first high-rise buildings in Denmark.

Danish Arctic Contractors (today Greenland Contractors) is established as a partnership by seven contstruction companies. Højgaard & Schultz and Monberg & Thorsen are amongst them.


Højgaard & Schultz and Monberg & Thorsen jointly construct Farøbroerne.


Both Højgaard & Schultz and Monberg & Thorsen participate in the consortia that construct Storebæltsforbindelse.


Højgaard & Schultz and Monberg & Thorsen complete their work on Øresundsbroen.
Højgaard & Schultz and Monberg & Thorsen install the foundations of 20 offshore wind turbines in Middelgrunden off Amager. Offshore wind turbine foundations have since become their speciality both at home and abroad.


Højgaard & Schultz and Monberg & Thorsen merge to become Denmark’s largest building and construction company, MT Højgaard. At the same time Højgaard Holding A/S is founded. MT Højgaard wins the EU environmental award for their Overflow Regulation Module (ORM), which prevents seepage of polluted water after heavy rain.

2002 -2006

After the merger and the setting up of MT Højgaard, Højgaard Holding adopts a new strategy whereby units which were not connected to the construction business should be disposed of. During the course of the years 2003 – 2006 Betonelement, Secil (Portugal) and the shareholding in Denerco Oil were sold off. After this Højgaard Holding’s activities consisted of 100% ownership of Højgaard Industri A/S (Svellefabrikken) and a 54% ownership of the jointly managed company MT Højgaard A/S.

2018 -2019

Knud Højgaards Fond and Einar og Meta Thorsens Fond decides to propose a merger of the two holding companies Højgaard Holding A/S and Monberg & Thorsen A/S, with Højgaard Holding A/S as the continuing company. The merger will result in a simple, effective and transparent Group structure, and create clarity concerning the ownership of MT Højgaard, as MT Højgaard hereafter will be 100% owned. The decision reflects the foundations’ long-term commitment to MT Højgaard. In this connection, Højgaard Holdings shares in Højgaard Industri is disposed, as these activities no longer fits the future Group structure. The merger is expected to be approved at the annual general meeting in April 2019 .